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Every peachy has a story..

Peachy Shop is a clothing label from the Netherlands.
Founder Lubna wanted to create a brand, something that would get women out there to become healthier, more active and to feel more purpose in life.
We are passionate about inspiring confidence in you and your body shape.
We think all bodies are beautiful! 
As a woman, putting on an outfit you feel good in, is a confidence booster and also a motivator to get you to workout. 
That’s why we think it's important to create clothing for women of all shapes & sizes so you can feel confident in every area in life!
Our unique shapes make it easy for you to find the most flattering style and fit for your body type and personal taste. 
Whatever you choose, the clothing will feel wonderfully comfortable to wear.
Cause we believe, that every peachy has a story...

For the love of all kind of Women! 

Enjoy your shopping!